Introduction to British Shorthairs

The British Blue is probably the most popular of the British shorthairs and is an example of the type Being strong, robust and even-tempered. It has its ancestors in the first domestic cats that arrived in Britain with the Romans in the 1st Century. The modern breed was developed in the 1880s in response to the growing interest in showing cats which had begun at this stage.


British Shorthairs were well known for being a cat of hunting abilities and great physical strength, but now they make very loyal and affectionate companions, being used to both adults and children. They need minimal care, with the occasional brushing of their coat. They are a medium to large cat with a powerful cobby like body, broad chest and head with strong legs and a lovely thick tail and short dense coat like a luxurious velvet carpet.


All of our kittens are raised in the house alongside our family and other pets, they are very well socialised and raised with much love and attention.